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Do you think you know me?

♥ she loves ♥

friends.family.my cat.coffee.SHOPPING.pasta.
soundtracks.coca cola.summer.holidays.stripes.
liprings.emily the strange.PS.ice cream.girl
magazines.watching movies.ben&jerry`s.red bull.
go to concerts.nailpolish.
♥ music ♥

the killers.green day.imogen heap.the white stripes.
nirvana.NIN.panic!at the disco.foo fighters.fall out boy.
switchfoot.papa roach.seether.eskobar.piano music.
and many more...
♥ movies ♥

donnie darko.jarhead.life as a house.
garden state.american beauty.will&grace.
kill bill 1&2.cruel intentions.brokeback
mountain.spun.pulp fiction.domino.10 things
I hate about you.and many more...
♥ stars ♥

milo ventimiglia.ryan phillippe.natalie portman.
angelina jolie.mena suvari.pete wentz.jake
gyllenhaal.keira knightley.heath ledger.
quentin tarantino.adam brody.brittany murphy.
♥ watching ♥

The OC.gilmore girls.will&grace.everwood.
the L word.ER.buffy.dawsons creek.desperate
♥ she hates ♥

stupid girls like jessica simpson and britney spears.
bush.war.people who think they are better than the others.
bitchy friends.latin.maths.thursday.stupid music.sauerkraut.
lovesickness.vainly people.sometimes myself.dishonesty.
hello kitty.wannabe gangstaaazzz.get up early.
baby-wannabe-rock`n`roller like tokio hotel.
♥ her credits ♥

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